Corona Borealis | Starry Sky - volume 3

by Andrey Klimkovsky

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We have become accustomed to the fact that the name of each constellation lies the ancient myth, or at least a good story. This is great, but not quite right. Stars as if taught us kindness, although a large number of constellations are not that old. Many of them appeared on the star map in the XIX and XX centuries, when, you know, no myth is not a slogan. (And for good reason - author's note.) At the same time a lot of really interesting and ancient myths Uther was in the depths of the Earth thousands of years of history and civilization, we end up with scraps-guessing. Those legends of the Big Dipper and Orion, the hunter with his "Star Dogs" - nothing but inherited by different nations (and to varying degrees of accuracy) the tradition of some more ancient civilization. That is why almost all nations bucket of seven stars has somehow some bearish name. But some traditions were Transform centuries so much that is not possible to guess the real sense laid into him. I think that the myth of the Corona Borealis - the same case. He - a small part of the legend of the ancient Greek hero Theseus, who sailed to the island of Crete, the Minotaur won and delivered their city from a terrible tribute (Athens regularly gave kritianam best young men and women at the mercy of the man-bull). There, on Crete, the young hero saw the Princess Ariadne and, as expected, fell in love. Despising the public interest, she helped Theseus kill the bull and come back alive from the maze, and then safely swam with her lover. But during a stop on the island of Naxos, Ariadne and Theseus left. Theseus referred to the fact that the night had a vision - the gods are asked to leave them Ariadne. Oppose the will of the Gods hero did not dare. The ship sailed away leaving the poor girl on a deserted beach. But as soon as the sail disappeared over the horizon from the heavens descended god Dionysus and Ariadne at the moment forgotten his love for Theseus. When dusk Ariadne and Dionysus attach passionately caress of love...

In the morning, when the sun rose, Dionysus on the island was gone. As the crown of Ariadne. He took her to the sky in memory of this extraordinary night. They say that a little later, the fugitive princess picked up by fishermen. But the more she and Theseus had not seen ... It seems it was all true. But if someone wants to know the other point of view, I strongly advise you to read a fantasy novel Kir Bulychev "Attempt to Theseus." Version of our famous science fiction writer is much more interesting (and maybe even plausible ancient myth), but has nothing to do with the sky, the stars. Therefore, allow me to offer you a very different story.

We who live in one of the many planets of the Universe, the Cosmos is something very far away. And there are creatures living among the stars, like us (or like us), so it seems a distant land. And not only that. In space, all the way off. Such magnitude so the universe. And the inhabitants of one star kingdom (here, of course, refers to any constellation) never came to visit their space neighbors. And because they are immortal, so far their life turned into a boredom that they "fell into a sleep," and wake up only once a year, on the eve of the Star Ball. But the ball, anything can happen. One day in the Star Kingdom "Northern Crown" guest arrived. It's not like the court nobles. He was a traveler. Drifter. Star Wanderer. Throughout his endless life he traveled from star to star. But everywhere met sleepy faces celestials. He did not despair. Travel still more interesting than wallow in crystal palaces waiting for the Eternity. He knew that somewhere in the vastness of the universe is, the second is the same restless soul who can not sit in the castle, when the world is so great. He was looking for her and flying from the constellation of the constellation. But nobody ever met. He's not sad. Stay so fascinated him, even if he or anyone he met, his life would still be happy. He was not alone, was with him the whole universe.

But here it happened, how everything happens sooner or later. He met her - a fragile and beautiful princess of the kingdom "Corona Borealis". She did not know anything except his palace, but the appearance of a stranger changed something in it. While the couple was staying in the Kingdom, it is not far behind him with rasprosy, and he was silent. For the first time, he could not tell anyone about what he had seen. And soon the princess knew that, too, wants to see the world.

Guests will have the King, the Queen, and all the other stellar people. And one day, not in jest, half seriously, seeing that the Princess does not miss a minute here to talk to a stranger, the King declared him Prince of the Kingdom "Northern Crown". (And really, why there might be a joke.)

Princess took everything to heart, and asked: "Stranger, take me with you, show me the world. I'll be your princess!"

He replied: "Yes. But you'll never see his kingdom, his father and mother, this palace. Tomorrow I'm flying. I can not stay. Decide."

We tramp right away just issued by the crown, and more with him not talking. But he was not upset. He already has talked a lot more here than in other kingdoms. It is true in other kingdoms was not proclaimed Prince. The princess was in disarray. Make a scary thing, when you know that it's forever. And furthermore, that it is "forever" lasts forever. And who lets her go out of the kingdom. The only princess?

When they parted, she did not tell him and he realized that she did not dare. And with his passing in the kingdom everything was back on track, and one by one, the residents began to fall into sleep. Slept all from court lackeys to the king and queen. Only the princess could not sleep. The days dragged on painfully long, and she dreamed of the saving sleep. And when her eyelids were about to stick together, and the intoxicating sweetness of sleep to integrate the whole body of the tired eyes to the tips of the fingers, it suddenly returned Prince. He said, "Well, you finally come?" She said, "Yes. All kingdom asleep. Nothing holds me and I can not stay here anymore." Then the Prince continued, "In your kingdom is a flashing star. Remember when I arrived she just glowed and faded in the day of my departure?" Princess explained: "The Star always inflames the Star Ball, and while it is gaining strength that would flare up again, we sleep and time goes by." And then the Prince said the most important thing: "If you now go out to meet me, then we will meet when flare star. I keep the path to Earth. It was not even a single star resident, but from there very well see your kingdom. Be a long days when I see you again and you will not be easy. Separation in the world to overcome the difficult than in the heavens, but look at the stars, and if you see the constellation Corona Borealis New Star, please know that I have around."

At this point, the princess started and realized that he could not sleep. Prince has disappeared, and there were no all. But there was hope. Princess And having taken the throne room last look came down the stairs and out of the gate of the castle towards the planet, which saw only on the old map, which we call - Earth...

This story is not complete. After all, the Prince and Princess had not yet met. Just looking for each other. But I am sure that they will find. Believe you. Look at the stars, when suddenly, in the constellation Corona Borealis will see a new star, then a miracle happened...

Constellation Corona Borealis refers to the small number of constellations that, figuratively speaking, are similar to themselves. The chain of stars, and the truth, like a crown set with diamonds, of which the most expensive (and certainly has a magical power) the main star of the constellation Gemma-Alfeka. This beautiful galaxy is perfectly visible from our country all year round, but the best way to observe it in the spring, summer and early fall. On the palate it is a modest space between Hercules and Bootes and like almost any constellation, has a riddle: At 5 am, February 9, 1946 lineman Amur railway Alex Kamenchuk noticed in this new star in the constellation. Humble amateur astronomer reported his discovery to the Pulkovo Observatory, and soon the news of the outbreak of a bright new star spread around the world. This was not really a new star. Exactly 80 years earlier, in 1886, it has experienced an outbreak, and from that time in star catalogs represented by the letter "T". Her next outbreak should occur in about 2026, but it might break before. So often refer to this constellation. Do not miss his new star.


released November 20, 2001



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Andrey Klimkovsky Moscow, Russia

Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" и "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad. ... more

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