in the collapsed space | Astral Journey

by Andrey Klimkovsky



CD "In the rolled space" from the series "Astral Travel" is especially designed for fans of electronic space music, who will remain on the fate of the Earth, yet wants to experience the thrill of space flight, to know the dimensionality of space, look into the worlds of other dimensions, running ahead of time, stop it, and even wrap around.

Creative association "NEANE Records" will fill your space ship magitofon music, and of all the equipment you need only astronaut stereo headphones ...

The music program of the album has an interactive effect on the human imagination, in his subconscious, so either your imagination or a subtle fleeting image is repeatedly reinforced and becomes almost real until the music sounds.

Including tape and wearing headphones, you can when you want to make an incredible journey to the Astral world. These flights - not just entertainment. Practicing such travel regularly can learn a lot, learn a lot.

- Who? - You ask. Of course at home. Glancing through this music in its innermost recesses of memory of previous incarnations.


released December 18, 1998



all rights reserved


Andrey Klimkovsky Moscow, Russia

Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" и "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad. ... more

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