Lyra | Starry Sky - volume 2

by Andrey Klimkovsky

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It happened a long time ago. Shortly after the Titan Prometheus gave fire to people, the daughter of Latona and Zeus, goddess of the hunt Artemis gave brave hunters spear and bow and arrows, and the goddess of fertility, Demeter taught people agriculture. Vdikih centaurs roamed the forests and the rivers and lakes were inhabited neyridami. In every river and every mountain lived a god and harmony reigned in nature. Sometimes nymphs and neyridy, centaurs, gods of forests and rivers going to a forest clearing, and then it came down to the god Apollo streloverzhets to please his friends playing the cittern. And the game was so beautiful Apollo, even wood god Pan postponed his flute. The gods Apollo and admired game nebylo equal him in this art.

One day, a friend of the river god Apollo and the Muses Eagra Kalliony son. The boy was named Orpheus. The baby was extremely musical, and one day, seeing this, Apollo gave him his gold cittern. Apollo hopes come true. Orpheus was a great singer, but in the game on cittern has surpassed even the most god-streloverzhtsa. But the soul of the young men sought not only to music. He was attracted by long journeys and great feats. Therefore, along with Jason and brave yet fifty brave Argonauts to Colchis, he goes for zalotym Fleece on the ship Argo. Not a few trials fell to his share in this campaign. And a few years and got stronger mozmuzhavshy Orpheus returned to his native Thrace hero and winner.

That's when he met his one and only beloved Eurydice. Divinely beautiful nymph soul was also thin and delicate as the most moving songs of Orpheus. Dearly loved her Orpheus, dedicated to her new songs and they were lovely, seemed inseparable pair. But luckily everyone sooner or later come to an end.

Orpheus happiness did not last long. Once in the woods Eurydice accidentally stepped on a sleeping emeyu and died of her bite. Nebylo limit grief Orpheus. He could not accept the loss of his beloved. He decided to ask the great god of the underworld Hades to return Eurydice to him and went on a long journey. After a gloomy cave Tenara Orpheus descended to the banks of the sacred river Styx. Only stern Charon could translate Orpheus across the river in Hades, but he flatly refused. You can not go into the living dead, and I will not leave the dead Hades. But hit the strings cittern great singer, singing about his love for Eurydice, loneliness and sadness. And let old Charon Orpheus in his boat and moved to the other side of the river Styx. Heeded the request of Orpheus and the great Hades. Released from his kingdom soul of Eurydice, but demanded from Orpheus perform one condition: back from the dead to the living world after the god Hermes in the cave Tenara Orpheus must look forward. Going to look back at Eurydice followed - then yes navseg losing it. And they set out. But the hard road back. Climbs steeply up a narrow path. Quickly rushing forward rapidly Hermes. Barely keep up with him Orpheus. And somewhere behind Eurydice. Not far behind she? Do not get lost in the darkness of the cave? And when it was visible out of the dungeon Orpheus could not resist, looked ...

Sometimes, remembering that little lived most of his life, I feel like Orpheus. No, I have not sailed on the ship Argo in distant countries, did not descend into the realm of the dead, but to me at the time and I had to look back, as Orpheus did not go back in time, not to return poterenoe ... And only one sometimes makes its flight - the ability to look forward, to see how the future is born.

Constellation Lyra is on the celestial sphere is very small area and it would be quite unremarkable if it were not blue pearl - one of the brightest stars in the world's sky - Vega. More recently, Vega was considered the brightest star of the northern hemisphere, but in recent years, following the photometric standard ceded first place orange Arcturus. However, it still erupts first in earthly heaven just after sunset. (Do not confuse it with Venus - not a star and a planet. Favorable periods in the evening seems Venus can be seen even before sunset.)

Vega summer nights with its small but beautiful constellation rises almost to the zenith, and perfectly visible all night. To find the constellation Lyra you do not need a star map. Just look up. It is noteworthy that in our latitudes Lear never sets. Within this constellation can be found a number of interesting celestial objects observable in a small small telescope or with the naked eye. ε Lyrae star vigilant people is not a single and a double. Test your eyesight. But even with a small telescope, you may find that each star in this pair also consists of two stars of twins. As beautiful double star η and ζ of this constellation. β Lyrae star is eclipsing binary, that is, one star in this pair periodically closes a different, brighter and earthly observer it might seem that a star winks. It happens about once every two weeks.

The most mysterious object constellation Lyra is a planetary nebula, the "Ring" (M 57), which is the residue of a dying star. However, the star is still "alive", but is only visible in powerful telescopes.


released July 14, 1999



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Andrey Klimkovsky Moscow, Russia

Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" и "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad. ... more

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