Music of Celestial Spheres - part 5 - lunar Odyssey

by Andrey Klimkovsky



In the moonlight, when the atmosphere is transparent as crystal, it seems that - reach out - and you can touch the magic of the lunar surface. And if you push harder feet from the earth's firmament, I also find yourself in the mysterious Land of the Moon. After all, here it is - very close - a dazzling night beauty. At the beginning of the XVII century, Galileo first turned a telescope on the moon, and it became clear that the Moon is similar to Earth. Its surface is polished to a mirror finish (at the time it was believed that light and dark areas on the lunar disk - a reflection of terrestrial continents and oceans), and is covered with mountains and valleys. Later, he called the dark areas of the lunar seas partly suggesting that they are indeed filled with water, and light, respectively - the continents.

Over the next decade, telescopes improved, more and more closer to the Moon. At the same time hundreds of fiction sent to the moon of his characters. All were good means of balloons to giant shells. In the middle of the XX century on the way to the moon were spaceships and finally approached a man to the moon so that the July 20, 1969 picked up a stone from the lunar surface.

At present, mankind continues to explore the moon has a very specific goals. In the short term the creation of a sufficiently manned lunar stations, and for those of lunar and huge cities, and tourist flights to the Moon will be available to everyone.

Let's fast forward to the middle of the thoughts of the XXI century and a fascinating journey into the world of Lunar has already mastered some people. And to do this, insert into your stereo system, this disc, put out the light, close your eyes and go!.

The middle of the XXI century, you are one of Earth's space centers, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Hence, several times a day go to the moon liners. Step aboard this ship can be anyone. Titanium plates are polished to a shine. Behind the scenes fall evening. Light up dazzling purple spotlight. There have reports of ship launches, team managers and special services.

The moon is shining young. Here, gazing skyward near the bodies of ships, the crescent moon appears huge and close. I would like to reach him by hand. And you decide. Gently seat the liner down, taking the shape of your body. Wear seat belts and helmet already heard the countdown 5, 4, 3, 2 ... Enormous power jolt pushes you into a chair, the lights spaceport in the ports in the lubricated vertical lines. And your interplanetary ship rushes into the sky. He needed only a few minutes to reach Earth orbit, but there awaits second start and once again includes engines. Again overload pushes you into the seat. Ship leaves Earth orbit and go to the moon. Hundreds of thousands of kilometers from the lunar spacecraft flies at a speed of 10 km / s and with the engines shut down, while in freefall, and those few hours of flight you have to spend in a state of weightlessness. Do not feel any movement, and only when seen from time to time in the window, we can see how the earth is removed.

When the moon is very close engine included again to slow down the ship and not to miss. The severity of the newly leans on you. Planting begins. It would be interesting to be with the first pilot and see how it leads to a landing ship, but all that is visible from the cockpit is broadcast on large screens located on all decks of the ship. Approaching the lunar spaceport. Manager authorized the landing, and at least in the area of ??the moon day is yet to come, in the spotlight is clearly visible lunar landscape. We make the landing on the billions of years of not knowing the water bottom of Mare Serenitatis. The station we were met by Moonlight, where we wait until dawn.

With the dawn of a lunar station rolls easy walking terrain vehicle. You are invited on a tour of the lunar surface, but the offer still wear the suit. The Moon does not have any of its atmosphere. The line terminator is slowly leaving the launch site, lunar station, rover tracks are set in motion a journey to the moon begins. End plate and leaving the Baikonur on a frozen surface of the lunar rover of the sea leaves the lunar dust imprints of their tracks. They are destined to remain here a long time - in fact on the moon there is no rain, no wind. In the window is seen as dazzlingly bright disk of the sun rises to meet another luminary hanging almost at the zenith of the lunar sky. It has four more in the sun, blue and looks like a crescent. What is this? Yes this is Earth! But it is difficult to think about it. The sun rises higher, closer to the earth and the earth is lost in its rays.

Gauges ATV suggest that the temperature of the lunar soil +150 ° C. Atmosphere devoid of the Moon is affected by solar radiation. Neither earth machine would not stand such heat, the more that the heat stays on the moon for two weeks on terrestrial calendar. But the lunar machines have a special cooling system and the lunar heat so they make trouble. And you can dress to feel safe.

There comes a lunar noon, the shadows disappear. On the horizon appeared a mountain chain. This lunar Alps. Already in the XVIII century Hevelius lunar mountains, the earth gave the names and they survived, but in reality they have little resemblance to their earthly sisters. The dead, devoid of vegetation at the foot of snowy peaks, and they can be treacherous mountains of the earth. It was only then that the force of gravity on the moon in less than 6 times the Earth will help us overcome them. We let go of all-terrain vehicle - the lunar mountains too much for him - he will meet us in the Mare Imbrium, where we find ourselves going through the Alps ...

Bay of Rainbows. Here we make a halt after a long journey. Around here - on the outskirts of Mare Imbrium lost Lunokhod - the first lunar explorer maze. Once upon a time he was unavailable, but who knows, maybe he's still rolling on the lunar deserts of opening one after another, mysteries of the moon ...


released April 24, 1999



all rights reserved


Andrey Klimkovsky Moscow, Russia

Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" и "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad. ... more

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