Scarlet sails

by Andrey Klimkovsky



The album won the recognition and love of thousands of fans of the New Age movement, devoted to work by the talented Russian writer Alexander Grin, and is a possible sound-track to the story of "Scarlet", where the sound of the surf and the cry of seagulls dream come true.

The album contains only lyrical, very melodious music filled with real voices of birds and the natural noise of the surf. Unusually soft and melodious sound synthesizer "Korg M1" makes the sound of this album timeless.

Subject sea romanticism in the works of Andrey Klimkovsky has always been. Absorbed romantic voyages described Jules Verne and Alexander Greene composer many times spent between flights from star to star, and swimming between mysterious, yet undiscovered, and islands. But in both cases, the main characters become trapped souls sometimes on opposite sides of the thin but strong edge separating the worlds.

At one point, the musician realized that he was ready to say much the idea of combining in a single album using a rod of his story well-known story of the famous Russian writer Alexander Stepanovich Green - "Scarlet". At the concert presentation next album project "ALEALA" April 14, 2000 the composer suddenly announced that after 7 days for the next concert will be presented yet another new album. It was a bold statement, because the album is not only not been recorded. The album was not even written. But most importantly, as it turned out, it was not that. In fact, the musician just felt that somewhere out there in the blue sky the whole album has already been formed and now only need to gain the attention and effort, and move here on Earth all the notes and melodies.

And so it was, the album "Scarlet Sails" written on the story by A. Green was presented April 22, 2000 at a concert-presentation in Moscow cinema center "Almaz". The album was released in the year of the 120th anniversary of the outstanding Russian writer and became one of the most successful in the work of Andrey Klimkovsky.


released April 22, 2000



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Andrey Klimkovsky Moscow, Russia

Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" и "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad. ... more

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