Cassiopeia | Starry Sky - volume 4

by Andrey Klimkovsky

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Mythical queen of Ethiopia ancient times - Cassiopeia - very popular among fans of the ancient myths, exactly like the constellation itself - the most beautiful and radiant pyatizvezdie the northern skies year-round. It never goes below the horizon, and every night as if reminding us of those distant and will not hide the sad events. For thousands of years in human history, it was not bad enough, but most of these sad stories, and with it, and happy to be lost in the dark ages. But the legend of the Queen Cassiopeia has reached our days. Reached because it is something unusual, mysterious. We, you and I know that in addition to the magic and mystery of interpretation is always a very simple, but people are attracted to mystery and illusion, so the reality is always waiting in the wings in a long line of speculation and ideas.

How lucky once Theseus, and we pull a long line of events and guiding tangle Ariadne can get to the bottom. See who added this nedyuzhy spoon mysticism in vessel life of Queen Cassiopeia.

Human life is like a moment, spark a fire, a shooting star. We, the residents of the industrial age, is useful comparison with the exposure photograph, when a light-sensitive material (our soul) by only a few hundredths of a second universe sheds light of the universe, but in a moment - again dark. And, mind you, during this time, the world is almost unchanged, but the light-sensitive emulsion of the world is filled with light, zasvechisvaetsya, and will forever remain in the frame imprint stable unchanging world.

It happens almost always. But the case of exceptions - frame is blurred rapidity of events and illusory optical distortions. Life Cassiopeia was as bright and fleeting, as the fall of its empire, has fallen to its share in the fate of the lottery and events.

When the first ray of light for the first time in the lens to refract it is not a child of huge and beautiful dark brown eyes, he conveyed to her mind, the news of a wonderful world full of goodness and happiness. She is young and probably just as beautiful as the smiling, leaning over her face. She's trying to understand what this woman and she pulled her thin graceful handles ...

Time inevitably carried. Cassiopeia know - she is a princess, hope Ethiopia and, simultaneously, a dream and a target of young princes and kings of white widowed neighbors. At the beginning of each lunar caravans arrive at the palace rich in gold and jewels as rich desert sand. This recognition of the power of Ethiopia, but more - compliment the young princess and not a hint as to the intention-valued "generous" guest. Cassiopeia accept all applicants. Politics and diplomacy requires politeness. But the heart chooses not to wealth and power, but modesty and refinement Cepheus. She notices the twinkle in his eye and passion flour (he really loves her.) But it also notes that someone always breathlessly behind a secret door in her chambers, from which even she - a princess, no key...

The court priest and astrologer Fraud was only the fourth figure in the palace. Formally, he was not engaged in running the country, and considered himself above it, but no decision was made without his participation, and while the king was not always agree with the priest, yet did not venture to argue with him. However, the rest of the inhabitants of the palace were uncomfortable in his prisutstviiyu Only young Cassiopeia not hide your eyes in the marble floor of the hall in a meeting with the astrologer.

That did not make them friends, and could not - Frode was younger than her father, but not so much that seem older brother.

Maybe sometimes contemptuous attitude to the priest, and passed the conventional boundaries, but Cassiopeia would be careful if I knew that in the unfolding drama scripts she had the role of the victim...

Many people are aware of and seen in the sky a chain of stars resembling in some months of the letter "M" and the other - "W". This is - Cassiopeia, or rather five of its brightest stars. The very same constellation and takes a few more in the sky about 600 square degrees. This square observer armed binoculars or a telescope can count about 90 stars, most of which was visible in the sky, and 1000 years ago. But sometimes, even the sky is changing. Thus, in November 1572 the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe observed in this new star in the constellation. And not just noticed, and we can say he was blinded unexpected star, the brightness of which can be compared only with Venus in the best periods of its visibility. The star was so bright that some have seen it during the day and even through dense clouds when the other stars did not dare to shed its light on the Earth.

Two weeks later, the brightness of the star was to fade, and after 15 months it altogether disappeared from the eyes of terrestrial observers did not have time before any optical devices.

In fact, the universe was a rare event - a supernova explosion. This happens only with the most massive stars in the final stage of their existence. Faded from inside the star loses her balance and cool down, the cold shell under the action of its own, and it is necessary to note the huge, gravity directs the center, where there is a sudden udaropodobnoe compression of the substance and the subsequent explosive expansion. Star sbrasyvet off all that stuff, which may still leave it outside and at this point throws so much energy that the star's light is comparable to the light emitted by an entire galaxy.

But a few months later from the former giant is only a faint nucleus few kilometers across, which for some time emit light, but cools compressed. With time compression of a star reaches a stage that has no substance and radiation can not like to leave the surface. These objects in the universe, astronomers call "black holes." They are less clear, as it is very difficult to study celestial bodies completely invisible. But according to a number of scientific hypotheses, "black holes" can be input into a different space, and perhaps even time.


released October 11, 2003



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Andrey Klimkovsky Moscow, Russia

Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" и "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad. ... more

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