Music of Celestial Spheres - part 2 - birth, life and death

by Andrey Klimkovsky



Moon - one of the most beautiful celestial objects visible to the naked eye, and there is no person who is not never seen the moon in the sky. Meanwhile happen quite moonless night and can be carried out under the starry sky through the night from dusk to dawn, and never even see superslim crescent. At this time the moon is lost in the dazzling rays of the sun, goes along with it comes along with it at the same time and therefore not visible. Fortunately, it lasts a short time and after two or three days, just after sunset in the blue evening sky will shine just born crescent moon. He quickly leans to the west and soon comes. But the next night, the young moon is visible longer and sickle is not so fragile.

Night after night the Moon rises higher and higher, becoming more fully and quickly lit a portion equals the invisible, not the illuminated half. This phase is called the first quarter. The following night changed our view of the moon. Now it is close to full circle. Some naively believe that the full moon and a thin Month - various celestial bodies and sometimes the sky can be seen both.

Penetrating deeper into the night, the Moon meets others like it, but very distant bodies - planets. Anyone who has ever seen the blue in the moonlight sky, this cosmic rendezvous, will be waiting for him again. Now the moon rises at sunset and the sky behind him until the morning, shining among the stars all night. Her perfectly round face through the cosmic ether poured on Earth Pearl ultramarine, which is heard a moon song. Listen...

But our reckless Selena had forgotten about that right here can be captured shadow which throws into outer space the Earth. If this happens, we see how changes in the face of the Moon, staining purple, or even disappearing into the darkness. This horrific event of our ancestors, may last for two hours, after which the shadow of the moon must let go and she returns to us, but at this point, she began her return journey to the sun.

Moon aging. To wait until it is necessary to sit looking at the east half of the night. And so, surrounded by a halo of pearl, she lazily traced, but her face is not the same. It is dark and sad, and the song that he sings is not about happiness. And not surprisingly - from the west nastrechu moon rise dark and ominous clouds. Hiding the Moon from our sight, they are stretched across the sky and only the rare bright spots among the clouds remind us of the Moon.

Clouds go to the east, leaving the sky. But by this time at predawn sky, low over the horizon, the spreading branches of willows is only a thin old crescent Moon. Moon dies and death comes for her with the first ray of the sun.

And the next night in the endless ocean of heaven will shine a myriad of stars, planets float majestically, tailed comets to look to our shores and leave in the cold outskirts and thousands of meteors, traced the sky, recall our innermost desires ... Not only will the moon ... Do not be sad. Wait for two - three days. She is born again...


released August 7, 1997



all rights reserved


Andrey Klimkovsky Moscow, Russia

Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" и "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad. ... more

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